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Monday, June 24, 2013

Nutroots Nation (h/t myiq)

Cynthia Ruccia

I know that the subject of Hillary Clinton is a difficult one for the regular readers of this blog. It's a real irony since it was her presidential candidacy of 2008 and her subsequent sexist skewering that brought us all together. The misogyny emanating from our former home, the Democrats, caused an estimated 4 million of us to leave the Democratic Party. I might also add that the vote rigging during the rules and bylaws committee meeting in 2008 added significantly to the ugly stench of hypocrisy.

I understand that some of us are tremendously troubled about the path that Hillary has taken starting by "laying down with the dogs" as some would put it by joining the Obama administration all the way to the current and troubling unfolding of the events surrounding the September 11 deaths in Benghazi. I get it. I'd like to go on record to say that although I can sympathize with the people who hold these views, my sentiments fall differently. I am still a Hillary Clinton supporter. I'd still love to see her become the first female president of the U.S. I too am unhappy about some of the same things, but not enough to change my stance. In my opinion, Hillary Clinton would make a fine president, warts and all. Why should she pay a heavier price for her flaws than a man would? Most men who have run for and won the presidency have carried a far bigger load of actual mistakes, misjudgments, and the like and haven't had to suffer the opprobrium being thrown at HRC.

But truly that is a subject for another day. I want to go after the craziness surrounding Hillary at the Netroots Nation conference of this past weekend in San Jose, CA. For those of you who don't know, the Nutroots (oops----Netroots) Nation are the ideological leftists who sprung up during the 2008 campaign as a loose confederation of political bloggers. I actually think that the general theory of this group is a sound one. However, in reality this group perpetrated some of the worst sexist garbage of 2008 and put their heads in the sand about it. But I get ahead of myself. You can learn more about them at their website and decide for yourself.

It seems like these little twits are still going after Hillary Clinton as if she has something to prove to them. It still astonishes me that these people who have been behind the two winning campaigns of Barack Obama are still the sorest winners around. They sound like a bunch of sore whiners too. As I referenced in a previous piece, if Hillary Clinton runs, the sexism fest is going to pick up where it left off, and the Netroots Nation folks will be leading and enabling the charge. All the while denying that they are sexist. Their continual critiques of Hillary have not just a whiff but a full blown stench of visceral misogyny. Some of that misogyny is probably left over anger against their own mothers as they individuate, and as such any female of that generation who seeks power gets what they deserve in the eyes of these folks. I'm no shrink, but that part is blatantly obvious.

For me, it is having to deal with this type of individual AGAIN that frustrates me and makes me not want to support Hillary. But I'm not going to shrink from this fight. Those people have yet to pay for their sins of 2008. Their ilk have spent the past 6 years accusing every dissenter of being racist all the while purveying the worst sexism ever. They cannot be allowed to get away with it. Whether you support Hillary or not is besides the point. There is no real shame in sexism in the U.S. It is the main reason why women haven't ascended to the top in politics, business, you name it. The only way to change that wrong is to scream about it loudly and clearly whenever sexism rears its ugly head. There is a latent shame in sexism. It is up to us to bring that shame to the forefront. To do otherwise and to let it go by without comment is irresponsible.

The trip to Italy is sadly over and all I have left to show for it is the inability to sleep past 3 a.m. It turns out that that is a great time to write. As long as I can't sleep, I'll have more to come on this subject. The sexists never seem to sleep anyways. Particularly those Nutroots folks......


  1. Sorry but just as I had to cut any interaction with people who supported Obama, for the sake of my blood pressure, I have to do the same for anyone who can still support Hillary Clinton.

    Won't be back Cynthia.

    We agree on many things but on something as important as the fitness of someone to be in the White House we do not. That's too big a something for me to ignore.

    That said, I wish you well even if I do not wish your candidate the same.

    1. aw heck kenoshamarge-----would you reconsider? Will miss your liveliness!! This blog is about sexism and misogyny, not about Hillary Clinton. We have alot of common ground----and you can sound off about Hillary as much as you want.

  2. You'll have plenty of others with you throughout the next round. Although, I'm extremely opinionated, (and too vocal about it), I am always open to other viewpoints and don't feel threatened by them.

    1. just goes to show what a lightening rod Hillary Clinton still is.....

      good for you Whatsertoe!!

  3. Welcome back. Since the Clinton campaign I have learned to stand by people and NOT parties. Currently I am working (volunteering) plenty for Ken Cuccinelli who is running against Terry McAuliffe, from Hilary’s campaign, for Virginia Governor. If you recall most of us did not have much to like
    about Terry who always has one aim in all he does—do what is best for Terry! He definitely has gone to the dark side to coin Star Wars. How could a democrat (I have not yet changed due to Hillary) favor someone who seems to be against women’s rights? Easy because most things that make me a fighter for women’s rights have little to do with my biology.

    To the point of this discussion and with respect to Hillary and the Benghazi scandal—we have only the MEDIA to extend us the truth?????? We do not have anything in real evidence to date! Hillary is guilty of one thing it seems and that is trusting many people around her that have been loyal to her but who have screwed up and Benghazi seems to be a prime example of that fact. This is what I am hearing, living near to DC and knowing many people whose work surrounds the State and other Federal bureaucracies. Hillary will need to carefully choose a different team than those that have been with her since the days past. The current administration in Washington has taken on its own life because it is too big and too out of control. Hillary, if she so desires, is currently the most capable person to get the US out of its current mess of scandals, international embarrassments and economic uncertainty than anyone on the planet. If she were a man Benghazi would be less of an issue and I think we all realize this now.

    I went through the same kind of garbage labeling during the McCain/Palin campaign when leaving Hillary’s DC headquarters to help her friend. Palin continues to be destroyed by people like those bloggers and others but has the tenacity of a bull and never gives up. She and Hillary are very much alike in some ways with Hillary being a highly seasoned politician and Palin just learning how to sail those waters. Hillary is playing it smart right now and staying away from the fray while Obama
    loses popularity with his “absentee” approach to avoid the fact of having no ability to lead? I don’t think anyone can agree with everything any candidate brings forth but one has to look to the circumstance of the time, the integrity of the individual and the capability to bring forth the greater good if elected. No one is perfect. As I work hard right now for Republican candidates and a wonderful African American named EW Jackson running for Lieutenant Governor (He is no Obama) I have come to understand that knowledge of who these people are is key to deciding where I place my loyalty. This is why I have stayed active in politics in Virginia and nationally. The Republicans have some good newbies that could lead but they are not yet ripened on the vine of experience. The country needs Hillary now! Who is the alternative? Joe Biden. It is time to put the heart away and bring the head forward. The candidates I work for understand this loyalty to Hillary and accept it respecting her as much as I do. I have yet to see any evidence that I can accept as the truth vs. politics as yet.

    1. people like us who support a split ticket confound everyone. Too bad...

  4. I don't know who I'll vote for in 2016 because I don't know who is running. I doubt Hillary will be the nominee because she is too old to appeal to the vapid voter who is now the Democrat base. I do think Benghazi is a big deal and I doubt they can keep the lid on it for 3 more years unless people start "accidentally" dying. The General who Obama fired days after Benghazi who controlled troops in the Benghazi part of the world is going to testify this week.

    1. good point!! And good point about the vapid voters in the Democratic base.

      And although many on the democratic side ridicule the likes of people like you and me, the reality is that there are alot of unanswered questions that should be addressed concerning Benghazi. And too many things don't look right.

      But folks like us who are unable to be anesthetized easily are just a bother to those who lack integrity. Sigh....

      It isn't any different than when we tried to call out their sexism.