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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Few Comments On Michele Bachmann

Cynthia Ruccia

I want to get this out of the way upfront. Many people like to ridicule me whenever I say anything nice about Michele Bachmann. Bring it on!!!! As people make fun of me for my positive comments about the now-departing Congresswoman, they really prove the points I'm about to make.

My main premise today is that the historic vitriol against Michele Bachmann is a combination of dislike of her positions, mockery of her sometimes nutty views, attempts to marginalize an opponent, but most of all illustrating the HUGE dollop of sexism rolled into the brew.

As you all know by now, Bachmann is retiring from the House after this term. I'm actually sad to see her go. I agreed with little that she espoused and found some of her comments nutty (but really-----ALL politicians make nutty comments). But I truly admired her spirit and parts of her style. In a world that treats women pretty badly, and treated her worse than most, she stood up to it with glee and courage and stood by her convictions. I would venture to say that most women would have easily wilted after the first few volleys of what Bachmann was put through, but not Michele. All of us can learn a thing or two from her about what true courage is----especially women.

I was totally outraged to see this piece about her by John Avlon at the Daily Beast, a new low for the left-leaning internet rag and a real new low for him. His basic assumption is that Michele Bachmann was the worst thing to have ever happened to American politics-----that she was on a par or worse than Joe McCarthy. REALLY??????? WTF????

Making such an assumption has sexism written all over it--------the sexism of the left of which this blog has been complaining about since its inception. Oh yes, there is sexism from the right. It's just that the left is blind to its sexism and holds itself morally superior for its non-sexist take on things. What a joke.

For Michele Bachmann to have been the worst thing to have ever happened to this country, she would have had to have held considerably more power than that which she has held. She is one of 435 other representatives and holds about as much power as most of them, give or take a shred of nanopower here or there. The only way that this comment could be made by Avlon (and others) is their perception and panic at the idea that a woman with whom they disagree gets a platform. We have so many-----SO MANY----men who hold the same profile as Bachmann, but few of them get the kind of insidious, gut-wrenching fear reaction that Bachmann got. She combined the ugly stereotypes of uppity woman and ditz to such a degree that it drove people crazy----on the left especially. I repeat, the men who did the same thing? What did they get?  Reactions ranging from adulation (Ron Paul) to ho hum (many male reps of both parties working anonymously) to redemption (Anthony Weiner).

Worse, Avlon gets to feel like a big man for putting Bachmann down in such a fashion. Read the comments to his piece and you will see the sexist dog-whistling and chest beating going on beginning with "ding-dong the witch is dead" (honestly----can't those dolts think up anything more predictable for a sexist reaction) and going downhill from there. Avlon also gets to dog-whistle to the lefty tribe about how THIS is how we treat uppity women we don't agree with. I might add, that although this blog doesn't really take on racist issues much, the same holds true for African-Americans whose opinions the leftists don't agree with.

Last I looked, we are all entitled to our own opinions according to the First Amendment, so Avlon and his ilk have my blessing to continue to make themselves look like hypocritical jackasses as often as they want. I just become apoplectic when they take the moral high ground on sexism. The right hand apparently doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

And should anyone from the left go after me, I would like to remind them that I am an INDEPENDENT. I'm not shilling for either party. As far as I'm concerned, both parties fail the sexism test. But I am sad to see Michelle Bachmann go. Her attitude, spunk, and bravery encouraged me many times to go further in many directions in my life that I was holding back on. And she broke more than one glass ceiling in her soon-to-be eight year tenure. So bye bye Michelle Bachmann----wishing you all the best!!!!


  1. I agree with you Cynthia. It is really hard to say anything nice about Bachmann without the wrath of the world falling on me. I don't get it. Palin had to put up with the same thing. So what if we don't agree? It doesn't give anyone the right to be so sexist about it

  2. yes Palin still gets the sexist stereotype treatment for being uppity----attractive ditz, shrill, crazy, etc. sigh. It just gets so tiring!!

  3. Democrat men are a bunch of rabid sexist pigs and Democrat women make excuses for them. I also think both parties are sexist and don't serve my best interests or apparently want my vote. But I do vote.

    1. yes Bes----we DO vote!!! and not for any of those sexists either!!!!

  4. While we may not have agreed with all the Congresswoman said, I do believe she believed it. She held her own amonst about 5 or 6 male Presidential candidates and for that she also gets my respect!! Sorry to see you go, Michele Bachmann!

  5. I met a nun while visiting the Clinton Presidential Museum. This woman was from the district reporesented by Congresswoman Bachmann. When she learned I was from the Chicago area, she began sharing her vitirol about Bachmann until I revealed some of the inside information I had/have about Broncobama. She didn't want to believe me, and most likely didn't. But she left the Clinton Museum with more than she anticipated. I didn't agree with M. Bachmann often, but I, too, admired her grit and her courage. Don't know what else to add. I'm not as brave as she, so I won't be blaring this support in very many places.

    leslie (don't know how to publish my comment)

    1. interesting story Leslie!! Many of us have had that same experience. It is hard to speak up about the admirable qualities of Bachmann since the negative blowback is so ridiculous. Good for you!!!!

      BTW-----if you go to the drop down menu for "reply as" and go to the "name/URL" part, you don't have to pout in a URL, just your name. It'll work just fine. Don't know what genius invented that, but there it is!!

  6. Funny how the left only sees a "war on women" when it is waged against liberal women.

    Unless they choose to run against the obamamessiah and then Hillary Clinton, usually a favorite among the libs, was subjected to the same vitriol that conservative women are accustomed to.

    Michelle Bachman was never a favorite of mine but she was no "nuttier" than a good share of the idiot men in congress. Or the White House. Or the press.

    Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia comes to mind for mindlessness by a male politician. He of the "tipping over of Guam" infamous remark.

    Of course he's a liberal AA so the fact that he's dumber than a peach pit is quite all right with those who consistently put party before both country and common sense.

    1. thanks for the Rep. Hank Johnson example kenoshamarge. Of course I am sure that makes us racists for even mentioning it. There is still no shame in expressing sexism in the U.S.

    2. The race-baiters can go to hell. I've heard quite enough out of them. A fool is a fool is a fool and the color of the skin is immaterial. Hank Johnson is dumber than a box of rocks and the amount of melanin in his skin has nothing to do with it.

      One of the smartest men around, and one I respect and admire wholeheartedly happens to be an African-American. His skin has nothing to do with his integrity or his wonderful intellect. I am referring to the always wonderful Thomas Sowell.

      How sad that so many AA listen to the likes of Jesse Jackson and (Ugh) Al Sharpton instead of men like Thomas Sowell and Dr. Ben Carson and Allen West and a host of other great AA men who have made something of themselves instead of sitting around waiting for the government to do it for them.

      I've been called a racist too many times since Obama came on the scene to let it bother me anymore. All I feel is contempt for those who use a real problem as a political ploy.

    3. the whole subject of race is still difficult. We're still talking past one another on many levels. The difference is that there is still shame in racism, but as I said before, there is no shame in sexism. It is very disturbing for the left to take the moral high ground when they are very selective in which women and which African-Americans deserve to be treated well and which ones don't.
      Their "moral high ground" is a total hypocritical sham. AND it negates the idea of free speech for all as well. but don't get me started on this one.....

    4. To me the subject of race isn't difficult at all. Racism is wrong. Period. But it's wrong when blacks are racist just as much as it's wrong when whites are. Or any other race. Wrong.

      Unfortunately most of the dialogue is all about them evil white racists, not the evil of racism in and of itself. Cause then the dialogue would have to include the black racists and the Hispanic racists and the Asian racists and on and on.

      Sexism is much more acceptable than racism in this country and many women think that as long as they are allowed to have an abortion that they are welcomed as equals by the left.

      Hogwash! If they opened their eyes, and their minds, the way that Hillary Clinton, one of their own, was treated in 2008 would have appalled them.

      Anyreal feminists would have been outraged at the treatment of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman. After all, their only crime was to think differently than the left. And that's a big no-no in liberal land. Where they got the reputation as progressive is beyond me.

      Women are once again rallying to Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. Not me. She joined the enemy. Now she is going to be allowed to run by her party because she was a good little girl and waited her turn.

      Surprised she doesn't have to wait until there is a Male Hispanic President or an Asian Man in the Oval Office or better yet, A Gay Man in the White House.

      After all, women had to wait until 1920, when the 19th Amendment was ratified to get to vote. Seems we're real good at waiting our "turn".

  7. Cynthia---I am so glad to see you stand up for Rep. Bachmann---but not surprised, of course.
    And I agree, totally, about how horribly she's been treated.
    Even my husband, an attorney, was very impressed to find out a few years ago that she'd been a Fed. tax attorney.
    She impressed me with fact that she had given birth to, and raised, FIVE children. That impresses the hell out of me!
    As someone who was violently ill during pregnancy because of morning sickness---I stand in awe! And Michele and her husband took in 20 foster children along the way, too.
    Isn't it criminal that women who bear children are given NO applause--no appreciation, for that fact alone?!
    She's devout in her Faith, is a mother of five, is married to the same guy all these years, went to law school, became a Fed. Atty, ran for U.S. Congress, successfully 4 times, ran for President....but, hey! she's not a liberal so----move along, Michele.

    1. Cindyindie-----yes, you mentioned all of the other admirable things that I left out. Yes----it is a management miracle to bring up 5 children and have 20 fosters. And you are right----no one gives women any credit for any of that. More sexism.....

  8. Well put, Cynthia! I'm glad i didn't see the article you referenced, but I can see it all clearly from your apt description and from the many similarly sexist articles before it.

  9. Great post! Good insights. I might slum it and go over to Avlon's article.

  10. I have been working with conservative candidates since leaving the Clinton campaign (now with Ready for Hillary Pac)and spent time on both the Sarah Palin and Romney campaigns. Sarah and Michelle are gutsy women who are not afraid to STRUT their beliefs. They have my admiration as I, too, am a very principled individual. When these women are put down it is because there is something they have that others will never own. Michelle is a good woman and I was happy to have had the opportunity to be around her and Sarah on several occasions.

    1. thanks for sharing that. When these women are put down the way they are it is to try to annihilate their very being and their essence as humans. Fortunately, Bachmann and Palin knew how to stand up to it. It is equivalent to standing up to the strongest tornado....how many of us would be gutsy enough to do that?

  11. Michelle Bachmann also tried to get the congressional medal for Alice Paul. I hope this effort will have success this time around. her stump speeches on the deficit in 2010 sounded spot on to me.
    Glad you set the record straight Cynthia. the patriarchal powers don't like women who stand up for their believes. the like women as assistants and for prettyness, not for strength, conviction, and sometimes it seems that the sexism has gotten worse. when you look at strong congressional women in the past. it seems they did not have to deal with this vile sexism of today.

    1. nice to see you Marille!!! I didn't know about the Alice Paul thing. Makes me like her even more....

  12. I like your style, Cynthia, and I can appreciate your perspective on Michele Bachmann, although I'm not quite there. Keep up the good work. I'm going to link to your blog from mine.

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