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Friday, January 4, 2013

Another "Should Have Been?"

Cynthia Ruccia

Tell me that the Democrats aren't running their own War on Women-----------I won't believe you. According to The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, Foreign Policy, NBC News, New York Magazine, and scores of other sources, our president is poised to nominate Chuck Hagel to be the next Secretary of Defense next week. The picture above is of Michele Flournoy who was said to be in the running for this spot. Why is it that people keep making excuses for these Democrats who like to think that they look like they're promoting gender equality by floating a woman's name for a post but ultimately appointing/nominating the male?

For the second time in a few weeks, a woman's name was put forth as a top contender for an important position only to lose out in the end. You can read about the Hawaiian Senate seat here and how the woman who was the frontrunner was pushed aside for a guy. And this frontrunner for the Senate was one of the the dying Senator Daniel Inouye's final wishes to succeed him.

I hardly know what to say I am so flummoxed by this whole thing. I am truly tired of people making excuses for our president every time he lets yet another opportunity pass by to appoint more women and he fails to do so. You can list his meager achievements on that score and it amounts to very little. I had heard that he was trying to do more to shake the "boy's club" image his White House has. But if this is his way of doing it, mentioning women for every appointment and ultimately appointing none, what does that say????

What it says to me is this------a post-traumatic flashback to the MS Magazine cover:

Yep----that odious thing. And the flashback to NARAL and NOW putting their weight behind Obama instead of Hillary after all of the years Hillary spent advocating for their issues, and all of the other horrible events of 2008 that women gave Obama a pass on. When will women wake up and demand their place at the table? This man has made no committment to advancing women----look at the record!! Not a day goes by that I don't still wish Hillary were my president. This kind of thing wouldn't have happened under her watch. Even as Secretary of State as part of her mission she devoted time on most trips to meet with women in countries all over the world and raise the profile of women's rights everywhere.

Forgive my tantrum, but enough is enough. Hagel hasn't been appointed yet. We can't count on the "women's groups" to take care of this piece of business for us. Please send this piece or something like it around to all of your lists, post it to your twitter, facebook, and pinterest, etc. Time to speak up everyone!!!! Time to insist that Michele Flournoy should be appointed Secretary of Defense. Time to stop outsourcing this piece of work to the zombies who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Are we going to be the zombie feminists?

NO. It's time to step up to the plate. No one else is going to speak up about this one. It's up to us!!!!


  1. You are right. Not a peep from any "feminist" org. That is because somehow the feminist orgs are not pro woman.

    1. the feminist groups are so busy trying to keep their position in the man's world that they have lost their sense of mission. Just another K-street bunch of lobbyists.....we learned that well in 2008 and nothing has changed to persuade otherwise.

      It's more important to fight Republicans than to advance women. And no, the two ARE NOT the same thing.....

    2. Cynthia,
      I feel completely conned after the last election!
      Diane Feinstein should not be overlooked for these important posts.

    3. the list of highly qualified women is long...

  2. There will be no outcry from so-called "women's" groups because they are in fact "liberal/Democrat" groups. If the issue is something that is not politically postitive for the left, or doesn't feed into their evil women-hating Republicans then it will not be mentioned or be a matter for discussion.

    The hypocrisy is as astounding as the number of women who fall for it.

  3. Flournoy has the support of Paul Wolfowitz of PNAC and Weapons of Mass Destruction fame. Simply because a candidate is female isn't good enough. We don't need anymore neo-cons at the war department.

    1. anonymous----that' a bit of a reach. Read Flournoy's bio on Wiki----she served in the Clinton administration, hardly a bastion of neocons.

      And you can argue all you want about how we shouldn't elect women. You just expose your own prejudices.