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What women's rights are when women are no longer manipulated by party rhetoric.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Looking Ahead---A Possible Next Move

Cynthia Ruccia

Ok---I've wallowed in my misery long enough. Not that I'm not feeling like garbage over the turn of events. I am. I have a sick and disgusted feeling in my gut and nothing has changed in that regard. However, I am ready to turn the corner for a few reasons.

First of all, I am by nature an activist. Whenever something happens, my default mode is to DO SOMETHING no matter what it is I'm involved with.

Secondly, I just don't want to feel miserable any longer than I have to. While there can be growth in pain and failure, there is a limit to how much of that is productive before it just swallows you up in profound depression. I've reached that line and my inner self says that it's time to move on!! But rest be assured----I'm not responding to the army of "get over it" people. They can suck a lemon or worse, and it is THEY who need to get over it!!  I am doing this on my own internal time clock in my own way and for my own reasons.

Finally, I turned 60 in September, and that number is driving me. I am healthy and vigorous, and who knows how long that will last? I see this next decade in my life as perhaps a final hurrah to throwing myself totally into the things that matter to me and making the biggest difference I can make.

The big things in my life are my family, my Mary Kay business, my athletic pursuits, and my political involvement. I have big plans and goals for my business and I have continuing plans for triathlons, running races, and just keeping my conditioning for these events. But the politics, well, it's time to move in a different direction.

For those who've read this blog, I've been in politics for 44 years as an activist, candidate, political consultant, party official. I've spent the last four years protesting the sexism of the 2008 election. Now that the sexist-in-chief has been reelected, there is little to be gained in opposition to him. My goal, as you may have read and like so many others of you, was for him to pay for his deeds. Well, if he is to pay, it won't be by losing an election, and as a result I'm done moving in that direction. It's just not worth the trouble being that kind of angry so long. I won't ever really like having him as my president however. That's something that's not going to change.

So I've got this other idea in my head, and I'd love to get input and ideas from anyone who cares to comment. Here it is. I've noticed that regardless of political persuasion, when I relay the statistics that I keep listed on the right column of this blog, people are genuinely shocked. People don't realize how poorly women have performed at the top. It was shocking to me too when I stumbled onto this information. Who knew?

So I'm thinking of taking this message on the road. I want to speak to any group that will have me. My main interest is to educate and to stimulate conversation. I'd like to speak to lots of young people as well-----who knows on whose ears this info will fall?

To get started, I've got an op ed piece for my local paper in the works and hopefully I'll get it into other papers too. I'm going to hold my first event at my home and invite prominent women I know and also other activists. I'm going to have to mend some fences, but I'll do it. My talk/conversation will be nonpartisan. I'm completely finished working through the parties. They aren't really interested in advancing women all that much, and a message like this one will get lost every single time when something deemed "more important" comes along. I think trying to educate people outside of the political structure is probably more effective.

I'm going to give the facts, and then ask people for their comments, ideas and also their recommendations of other groups I can take my talk to. As I think about this whole thing, it is an updated version of the "consciousness raising groups" of the later 60's and early 70's. It wouldn't be such a bad thing if others of us do the same thing to get the message out there. It goes without saying that I'm willing to travel just about anywhere to speak and get the facts out.

I guess I'll never know if this will work if I don't give it a whirl. Your thoughts?


  1. First you should stop the defeatism. The more resistance the better. It is not necessarily about winning, but about getting our message out there. Romney was not such a great choice anyway. The profit in continuing to opposing O is to mitigate further damage to women's rights and representing us as something more than a reproductive system.

    Who sent Susan Rice out with a false message? It is all a game to them. She was expendable as a woman. And Obozo hid behind her skirts.

  2. I wholeheartedly support this idea, as one who actively engaged in CR (consciousness-raising) sessions in the 70's. I firmly believe that a new generation of women would benefit from this type of dialogue. I wish I had "a dollar" for every "talk" I gave in the 70's to any club or gathering of three or more people who would allow me to meet with them. Great idea, Cynthia!

  3. Cynthia,

    What a wonderful idea!!

    Let it be known if you decide to check out Texas. Lots of strong women in the state I believe would be receptive to your message. I'd be happy to help.


    1. Linda---if you want to get a few people together, I'll be happy to come to where you are. I lived in Houston once upon a time, and I'm in Texas at least once a year for business. It would be fun to have to go for this particular reason and to meet you!! I'll be ready to roll after the first of the year. Email me at:


      and let's discuss!!

  4. Good idea. Talk to everyone you can. Cite the statistics. Help chip away the marble ceiling.

  5. I think the next thing women need do is to take out corporate media to be able to speed up our advancement in the world. As it is people sign up for cable TV to get clear reception and then the corporate media force feed their advertising venues into your home against your will and most of what they force feed is profoundly sexist and advances distorted imagery of women and girls. We need to educate people and especially women to cut the cable cord and only allow content they actually want to come into their homes and stop subsidizing sexist content with their basic cable payment. Most of the garbage sexist content couldn't exist to pollute our culture if corporate media were forced into a free market. I think women's next move should be to educate people to cut the cable or satellite TV cord.

    1. excellent point as usual Bes!!!! I couldn't agree with you more....

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