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Friday, November 9, 2012

I Know Where Those MIA Voters Were from 2008

Cynthia Ruccia

Ok---so maybe I don't know for sure, but I want to make a call on it because right now there is alot of speculation about who those approximately 9 million voters who voted in 2008 but not in 2012 are. I'm especially interested in those 3 million or so who voted for McCain and not Romney.

There is alot of talk about those folks----maybe they didn't like Romney, Romney didn't connect with the base, Romney was too moderate, Romney was never a conservative, people don't trust Mormons, endless theories. They really go on and on. The thing is, those same arguments were made about McCain as well----to the letter except the Mormon stuff.

The most obvious reason NO ONE has mentioned. What's that?  Well, I'm guessing that McCain did better than Romney because HE HAD A WOMAN ON THE TICKET WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duh!!

For those of you who don't like Sarah Palin or think that she was a joke or whatever, please understand that Sarah Palin was an aspirational figure to many women anyways in spite of your own opinion of her. And you can put down her supporters as well, probably in a way using one of the most sexist of memes that leaves some of the ugliest of scars-------that her supporters were just a bunch of dumb women. If you go there in your mind, you miss something very very important that deserves respect. That missing ingredient? That there are women, lots of them, who are hungering for a woman president and vice president. There are many, and not just women, men too, who feel that the time has come to put a woman in the White House.

So I'm putting my money on the fact that Sarah Palin brought out those extra 3 million voters and by extrapolation a woman brings alot of excitement to a ticket and that needs to be considered next time around. I have not heard ONE PUNDIT even mention the fact that Palin brought out the voters when everyone knows that McCain would have done far worse without her by his side in 2008. And if I am going overboard by mentioning that "everyone" knew what positives Palin brought to the ticket, enough people knew it and know it now and will acknowledge it.

I'm sorry to have to say this, but it is sexist in the extreme that the speculators don't even have this idea in their brain. They are so accustomed to not considering women at all that it was a sexist blind spot to have missed this simple explanation. Those of us who talked incessantly about putting a woman on the ticket were right----really right. A woman on the ticket brought John McCain 3 MILLION more votes than Romney. Romney needed around 3 million more votes placed judiciously to have won this thing. A woman on the ticket would have likely delivered.

One last thing-------this is a blog about electing women and getting women into power. We are neither Democrat nor Republican. We speak our mind about both parties. For you partisans out there who can't stretch your brain out to see both sides of this thing, I will delete your comments if you go on a partisan witch hunt attack here. Both sides I might add. If I am praising a Republican it is for good reason vis a vis our cause. Ditto for the Democrats. It doesn't make me either one. I am an Independent. Check it out. In fact, I am such an independent, that in this election I voted for 8 Republicans and 8 Democrats. You can't be any more independent than that!!!!

So on that thought, we now know where those votes went. The answer to either party? Put a woman on your ticket in 2016----preferably at the top!!!! Victory will follow.......


  1. I am determined to have a woman President. I don't really care which party does it anymore since they blend together and its become a personality cult thing. After my vote for the Presidential candidate this year I simply went down the ballot and voted for every woman listed whether representative, commissioner or school board. I hope the parties get the message.

  2. glennmcgahee, voting for any candidate who has a vagina doesn't make a lot of sense. The issues out there are much bigger than whether there's a man or woman in charge. I don't have an issue with men in power, I don't have an issue with women in power. I do have an issue with voters who don't think.

  3. Cynthia,

    Right on!! I hate to admit I overlooked the obvious. Geez!!!

    Thank you!!! I'll blame part of my lapse on the fact that my daughter was having her baby on election day and for various reasons, it was an emotional event, but still... Duh!!!

    It would be great if you were invited by FOX or some other station to discuss this elephant in the living room. Any chance of that?

  4. Jodi---I respect your point of you, but I also respectfully disagree with you on a couple of points. In an ideal world, gender, race, etc. wouldn't matter. I'd love to live in such a world----truly. The world Dr. Martin Luther king described where a person is judged by the content of their character. You are one of the lucky who have evolved into that world.

    Unfortunately, that kind of idealistic thinking has caused women to be totally stalled in their progress to the top. You can check out my partial list of stats over on the right that begin to illustrate how deeply women are disempowered in our supposedly enlightened country. We hold little power. And by telling folks that women, who are over 50% of the population, deserve to be represented less than our numbers because there are not enough good ones (and that is what your argument implies) you give protection to the many sexists out there who will hide behind your argument to keep female representation suppressed.

    Jodi---I don't mean it as a personal slight to you. I just think you haven't taken your thinking deeply enough. I am sure you would like to see women represented at the top in proportions equivalent to our numbers just the way I do. It's just that in waiting for the "perfect women" to come along, that day will never arrive. It should have arrived a long time ago, but thinkibng like yours has stalled us.

    How do you propose we achieve power equality? Just waiting for it to happen when we find the "right" kind of women isn't an answer.

  5. glennmcgahee,

    I did the same thing with my ballot.

    Felt good!

  6. Good point, but I think Romney missed out on some rural, working class men who also identified with the Palin family, but who have nothing in common with either Romney or Obama. I tend to think that Romney is a good man, and would have done his best for those voters, but people do care about identifying with their leaders, and Obama spent hundreds of millions painting Romney as an out-of-touch vulture capitalist.

    And yet Michelle Obama wears $500+ sneakers to visit a homeless shelter. Other than basketball players and hip hop artists, who the hell pays $500 for sneakers?

    1. well in spite of the frustration, I guess we will all have to continue fighting for what we believe in. I also believe Romney is a good man and I have thought that way for years even when I was a Democrat. Since I am here in Ohio, the Dems painted him so quickly into a horrendous woman hating care only for the rich kind of guy that you even now can't talk to folks about Romney.

      But you know, both Romney and Hillary Clinton made the same mistake against the Obama juggernaut and that it that they didn't respond quickly and forcefully enough to the negative campaign being run against them. It was only later, too late it turned out, did they hit their strides and answer back.

      For me, after such an ugly, divisive, negative, reputation assassination campaign run by the Obama gang, I am having trouble pivoting over to the new message of Obama the great uniter again. Once again, he will get away with it and it just goes to prove that people are as stupid as everyone thought for buying this crap.

      I am not a Republican, but I sure thought Romney had the skills we need right now. I still feel as if the president just doesn't possess that at this moment. I am sorry to offend the Obama lovers out there. He isn't my saint.

  7. I like your thinking Cynthia, there are a lot of theories out there and the media narrative is more Hispanic participation in the Republican party is the answer, Hispanics are 10% of the voting population. Maybe a Hispanic woman? Women are 54% of the voting population.

    Also I know many women who didn't like Obama who voted for him because they voted for the Democrat brand. Republicans need to elect disciplined candidates who don't offend women voters. Republicans are not powerful enough to stop Obamacare so we are all going to live with it. Young healthy women are going to be forced to purchase expensive health care they don't need or use. The only reason most young women use health care is for birth control check ups and prescriptions. It appears to them like Republicans allowed them to have a huge healthcare tax dumped on them and then want to exclude the only reason they use health care from coverage. So Republicans want them to pay for expensive heath care they don't need then pay separately for the only health care the need. Republican men pass this off as some sort of high horse morality but they don't seem worried about if Obamacare is paying for ED drugs for unmarried men which a highly moral person should also worry about. If Republicans don't alter their thinking on this then we need to assume they enjoy playing the powerless victim and loosing elections.

    1. I so get it Bes!!! It seems so obvious to me, I mean it's as obvious as the nose on your face that the way out of the Repuoblican party identification as white male only would be to nominate a woman. We'll see if they possess the smarts to figure it out.

      My local newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, ran a front page article about how our white guy governor (who I twice ran against)needs to be president in 2016. I said to myself-----oy vey. Another white guy. When will the party get it that they need to attract more women by nominating a woman? It's so simple.....

      My dream ticket on the R side? Condi Rice/Dana Perino!!!!

    2. I love it... Rice and Perino works for me.

  8. I am encouraged to see the talent pool for our first woman president grow: 20 women senators, New Hampshire's all-woman delegation, etc. Despite setbacks you can't keep women down.

    I do think that women's legitimate political aspirations were squelched in 2008 and that we haven't been allowed to discuss what really happened free of ridicule. I think the deepening sexism of our culture and the small but noticeable resurgence in radical feminism is a consequence of this.

    I am hoping that the visibility of our new women elected officials contributes, however little, to turning the tide.

    1. very well put Ugsome. Especially this part:

      "I do think that women's legitimate political aspirations were squelched in 2008 and that we haven't been allowed to discuss what really happened free of ridicule."

      never a truer word spoken!!