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What women's rights are when women are no longer manipulated by party rhetoric.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Notes About Women From the RNC.....

Cynthia Ruccia

Where do I start? I've been watching the goings on in Tampa mostly on C-SPAN where the coverage is practically 24/7 and mostly without any talking heads telling me what to think. I'm going to write some of my own impressions, and if you'd like to add yours, that would be great. It's a moment in time to write something for posterity I suppose (not meaning to put too grandiose a point on it). After all, our own raw impressions in real time are important.

I am jolted by the awareness that women are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. My friend T sent me an email listing all of the speakers and all of the committee members, and it appears that there are more women than men involved. What this tells me is that women are the backbone of the Republican Party in the same way that they are the backbone of the Democratic Party. Or as some of the young people might say, women are the party b*****s doing all of the work. Sorry if that's a little graphic for some, but hey, it certainly spells out a truism rather starkly.

Beyond that, my own eyes tell me that the delegates at this convention are likely skewing female. At the very least there is probably a rough parity between the two genders. So what in the world is that all about? I mean, hasn't the Republican Party declared a War on Women? If so, what are all of these women doing on the floor of the convention acting like they belong there?  You could have the real liberal gleeful fantasy/nightmare that there is REALLY a war on women, and that since the Republicans are pro-gun, any minute now the men are going to pull their guns out and kill all of those darned women since that is the purpose of the war. Right?

Or you could take the other liberal tack and just state that all of these women are prolife and therefore aren't really women anyways. And then you could really teach these women a REAL lesson like Code Pink who are saying that you need to "take your vagina to the RNC" .

But seriously, all I could really think about is that no matter what the women at the RNC think about abortion, most of them work. Most of them would like to make as much as men make for the same work, and most of them are enthusiastic about getting more women elected. And most would like to see more women running things. I just kept thinking that we women have so much more that unites us than those things that divide. Why do we keep allowing ourselves to get caught up in fights that aren't getting us anywhere on that score? We are discouraged from thinking this way because if we women really did decide to get together, we would be a force that would simply steamroller over everything in our path, and that is a dangerous thought to many. So, instead of aggregating our power, what do we do? We just keep sniping at one another and it only ends up hurting ourselves.

Tonight and for the rest of the convention, there are going to be a stellar lineups of accomplished Republican women speaking for all of the world to see. There will be Mayor Mia Love, Governor Nikki Haley, Governor Susannah Martinez, Governor Mary Fallin, current Republican Congressional conference Vice Chair Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, senator Kelly Ayotte, former Secretary of State Condi Rice, and of course Ann Romney. And that's just for starters.

I am reminded that while 2010 was overall a year that gave us fewer women in the U.S. Congress, it was a banner year for Republican women. More of them were elected to Congress in a single year than ever before. And even of you are a rock hard Democratic liberal, this is a cause for celebration because if women are to achieve parity, there needs to be an equal number of women on both sides of the aisle.

I am convinced that by achieving parity in Congress, the whole dialogue will change because women's voices bring different nuances to the table, and right now those voices are just too faint because there aren't enough of us.

I think we need to stop demonizing the women on the other side of wherever we are. One benefit of living in a swing neighborhood in the swing region of the swing state of Ohio is that I just cannot see either side's women as my enemy or as demons out to destroy everything I believe in. The women on both sides live in the houses across the street and down the block. They work side by side with me. Their children play in my home with my children, we exchange play dates,and it is WE, all of us prochoice, prolife, etc. who are the village who are bringing up the children. We may differ here and there, but we agree on what's really important and we struggle with the same things.

So I look at my Republican sisters and my Democratic sisters the same way----we are all sisters. And that's what I think of as I watch the Republican Convention. I want women to excel on both sides and I'm cheering them on.

What are your impressions as far as the women go?


  1. I heard an excerpt of Ann Romney's speech and it is very moving. She will say that people think she and Mitt have a storybook life together, but she never read a storybook that included MS and a cancer diagnosis. (BTW, she also had a miscarriage.)

    Tonight, I am most looking forward to hearing the speeches of Mayor Mia Love (UT congress candidate); former Sen. Rick Santorum;
    Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH); and Gov. Nikki Haley (SC)

    1. Stiletto---Mia Love brought tears to my eyes. She is so uplifting!!

    2. I agree Cynthia! I am rarely inspired by any politician, but Mia Love is just fabulous. I Loved everything she had to say, she brought tears to my eyes too, and I LOVED "we built it." Her whole presentation was just out of this world.

  2. I agree. We must support women. Period. And we must insist that the political parties do the same! We must also insist on parity within the President's Cabinet!

  3. I just removed a comment from someone who wanted to have a conversation about abortion. Ordinarily I'd welcome this discussion, but right now on this post, I just want to hear people's impressions of women in regards to what is going on at the Republican Convention if you are watching it. As far as I can tell, there has been little to no discussion of abortion. To anonymous whose comment I removed, come back another time for that conversation. Thanks!!

  4. Maybe the Code Pink "ladies" could turn on the coverage of the Convention? I guess they don't know there are already a LOT of vaginas in attendance...

  5. If you ask who is really running things at the Republican convention, to my mind it is a handful of people who control (both?) parties through the super-pacs. I saw a list of people who give these huge sums of money to these super pacs. They are 100% men. Big money runs the Republican and the Democratic party. They are now for sale thanks to Citizens United. Power and money run this country and they are both entirely in the hands of men. No matter how many women are running around the convention floor, Romney has one female advisor I have heard of, and all the rest are men. But again, the real power involves essentially zero women - in either party.

    1. well, when you look at it that way, what you say is true. Just shows how much ground women still have to cover.Time's a wasting......

  6. The Republicans have definitely done a better job of building a bench than the Democrats have, and their bench includes several dynamic women. It's wonderful to see them showcased at the convention. The elders in the Democratic Party have not done as good a job of moving over a little to let the younger members of their party share the limelight. When they do decide to let a new person join their elite club, they choose Elizabeth Warren, who is 63. When you watch her campaign up close, it's apparent that she has never been nurtured in the fine art of getting elected, and time isn't on her side for acquiring any party leadership roles should she win her bid for senate. They have some bright stars, like Kirsten Gillibrand and Corey Booker, but they essentially hide them under barrels. It's telling that Hillary Clinton is the only name being bandied about for 2016. While I adore her and worked my ass off for her, there should be lots of competition out there for her, and there isn't.
    I'm an unaffiliated voter, always have been, and my loyalties are mostly to women candidates. Which right now makes me more interested in what the Republicans have to say than the Democrats. I'm not as interested in the "War on Women" as I am in the "War for Women".

  7. seeing all the female talent at the GOP convention it is incomprehensible to me how Romney ended up with Paul Ryan. assume they very well know what the DNC would have coming their way if a female were on the ticket. the chicken out way seems to be have women in the line up for the position, give them talking spots (knowing they will stick to the time requirements) but not developing a strategy head on against the sexism and vice seen in 2008. I think I will no more vote for a party who can't find a capable woman.