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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Speaking The Unspeakable

Cynthia Ruccia

I've been silent of late because I haven't wanted to write what I've really been thinking for fear that I was being too negative and would jinx everything. Of course even admitting to that exposes my narcissistic and superstitious streaks and that's a little embarrassing. Many have told me that I've been dreaming with my head in the clouds. But I'm a big believer in thinking big, dreaming big, and believing in the impossible because only in doing so will those things ever become real. And of course we have to add on an action plan!!!

But what's been rattling around in my brain is the fact that the growing drumbeat of sources points to Mitt Romney adding Rob Portman to his ticket as VP. Now I'm an Ohioan, and I may be a bit more familiar with our junior Senator than some. He seems like an immensely likeable man and also a highly accomplished and experienced one. The idea that he might bring Ohio with him in the presidential campaign isn't as solid as some might think who don't live here, but it also isn't outside being plausible and intuitive. He will likely prove to be completely noncontroversial (except for maybe his years spent as the trade rep for the George W. Bush administration), and if Romney wins Ohio, Portman will get some of the credit for that happening.