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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Woman VP 2012----A Preview

Cynthia Ruccia

Something is coming in the weeks to come to promote a woman VP!! I WILL keep you posted!!! In the meantime, please come over to our brand spanking new Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/WomanVp2012  and "like" us to get this whole thing started. It's time for us to finally DO something instead of just talking. This is just beginning. Stay tuned.......


  1. Thank you, Cynthia----Sounds exciting!

  2. Thanks! Am sooooo ready to do something! Thanks for taking the lead.

  3. Thanks to you Cindy and Anonymous!! Be sure to go over to the FB page and "like" us---it's brand spanking new!!

    Nice link ToniaT!!!!

  4. Sorry Cynthia but I don't "do" facebook.

    However I did write a post for NQ about Susanna Martinez that should go up sometime today. I also gave you credit for your Martinez piece from last Friday and provided a link.

    I asked for suggestions about other women for VP. It's a conversation women need to have now. And we need to have it wherever and whenever we can.

    We want a woman on the ticket. Give us something to get excited about as so many of us were excited about Hillary Clinton and/or Sarah Palin in 2008.

    Show them that if they want our votes they have to show us that they understand our desire to see a woman VP. (Quite frankly I'd rather see a woman as POTUS but that isn't in the cards this election.)

    The only woman who was a candidate for the GOP nomination was Michelle Bachman and she's too socially conservative for me.

    But Susana Martinez suits me as a VP just fine. And who knows where she may go from there. Wouldn't it be nice if women, all women could point to her with pride and say we did that. We not only put a woman in the White House, we put a Latina woman. Who the hell would have thunk it?

    1. Looking forward to reading your piece KenoshaMarge!! There can't be too many of us talking this talk!!!!

    2. Did you see this article by Carl Cannon Cynthia?

      Romney needs a Latino running mate
      by Carl M. Cannon


    3. thanks KM----I've been over and referenced my piece. you should do the same....

  5. WOW!!!
    We seem to agree on Gov. Martinez as a choice. Are there any PUMA's on here??

  6. Cynthia----The FB page won't let me "like" unless I sign up.....and I really don't want a FB account---But I DO "like" all of those great VP contenders on the FB page!