What women's rights look like when the two sides come together as one.
What women's rights are when women are no longer manipulated by party rhetoric.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Cynthia Ruccia

Or should we call it "whack-a-sexist?" It's been a great couple of weeks for fighting back against the sexists. And I don't just mean bad speech. I am also heartened to see that women and men are seeing through the pathetic and cynical political effort to use women to win votes. More and more people are getting what many of us saw in 2008------that the parties will stoop to nothing to pander to women when they need them and then just drop them like a bad date when the need passes. We are still letting them do it to us, but at least more of us are complaining about it than ever before. It's all good because the sooner we break away from the old notions of what comprises the "women's issues" the sooner we will empower ourselves to make that final push to economic and power equality.

OMG---the image and idea of women holding an EQUAL amount of power sends many folks into paroxysms of insanity and hysteria. Just view the videos on the right sidebar, particularly "Where's The Line" and "Hell Hath No Fury" to get my drift or in case your memory has failed you. Those two videos are a refresher course in what we are up against in getting ahead and breaking all of those intact glass ceilings (18 million cracks to the contrary).

It was nice to see a new and politically diverse set of women speaking up and making the case against the sexist speech of Limbaugh, Maher, and the rest. And by the way, if any of you find a video for me to post of Rush making his horrible comments about Sandra Fluke, I'd like to post it with my other videos. I just can't seem to locate one. But it deserves to be part of our gallery of sexist infamy. But back to the speaking out.

First of all, we have Kirsten Powers and Greta Van Susteren getting the first shots off the bow. Kudos to you both!!!!! We also have seen this from Fay Voshell and The American Thinker. For those of you who may be offended by her religious approach, she has a master's degree from the Princeton Theological Seminary and was awarded their distinguished scholar prize. I'm not so much interested in her religious rhetoric. However, I am thrilled that coming from her particular perspective, she has come to many of the same conclusions we have including:
"A once and often worthy civil rights movement has become a mere parody of its former self."

"Time was when real feminists fought for the right of little girls to be educated as well as little boys. Time was when they fought protracted and heartbreaking battles for women[s right to vote. Time was when they fought for the right to own their own property, to be in charge of their own monies, to be equals before the law.

Time was when there were heroines such as Abigail Adams, Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Whatever their personal vagaries, oddities, and conflicts may have been, they all fought for core values, values which included women having equal rights in education, in politics, in their homes, and before the law. They fought and suffered on behalf of future generations of women, and the victories they did achieve were made possible by changing laws and/or amending the Constitution--amendments which gave the vote to blacks and women.

We don't see enough of such women anymore."

We have also seen Virginia Heffernan, a journalist on mostly leftish publications, weigh in with her "This Campaign Needs More Women and Less Gynecology"  article, talking about the cynical attempt to corral women's votes and the lack of effort actually encouraging women to be on the ticket and in parity in appointed positions as a campaign platform.

And finally, the grande dame of them all, Peggy Noonan, has weighed in as well. Although she doesn't add a whole lot that's new to the conversation, it's always helpful for someone with as wide a reach as she has to speak up about these issues with her usual eloquence.

It's much easier to get women who are not on the left to speak up. It's simply amazing to ponder this fact. The very women who pride themselves as the keeper of the feminist flame become silent when applying their rules across the board to all women. But let's take a look at who IS willing to speak up and speak out about ALL women achieving parity in this country.

The left will tell you that all the right wants to do is to keep women barefoot and pregnant and under the control of men. Let's be honest here and admit that there is some truth to this statement. HOWEVER, we're talking about maybe 5% of the people who espouse this belief. 5%. Period. And believe it or not, there are some folks on the left who espouse such backwards thinking.

The other group who won't speak up are the 30% of the left who only believe in the equality ideal for themselves, not for anyone else. They have limited their idea of equality to an ever shrinking group, maybe even less than 30%. God forbid you should ever speak up for equality for ALL women, left or right and you will get run out of the group and shunned. Thus their reach continues to get smaller and smaller.

That leaves us with around 60--65% of people who can believe in economic and power parity for ALL women, and we are hearing their voices loudly and clearly with the current goings on. This is GREAT NEWS!!!!! Turns out that maybe we won't need the left to break the glass ceilings. Ironic no?

Lastly, I just have to speak up myself about this RIDICULOUS idea that Sandra Fluke didn't deserve the disgusting blowback that she got, but that women who put themselves in the public sphere should expect such things to happen. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((((head explode))))) What can I say??? Sounds a lot like "well she deserved to get raped because of what she was wearing." Let's get this straight-------NO WOMAN REGARDLESS OF WHO SHE IS deserves to be called c**t, t**t, whore, slut, etc. Regardless of her position----get it?? I applaud Erin Burnett for taking on David Axelrod as he bumbled his way through explaining why this very thing was so. And he's not the only one-------you all know who you are who have voiced such an insane thought. A word of advice-----never say that again!!!!

People keep asking where is the outrage from women about what this blog writes about. The way I see it, our 60--65% are starting to awaken and regroup. Let's see what the future will hold.......


  1. Are we whacking some sense into some heads? I certainly hope so!

  2. I'm looking for that rush Limbaugh clip

  3. I just wrote a similar article a few days ago (not as well articulated as yours of course) but the idea is the same- I borrowed some of your words Actually I would love for you to cross post it!
    My sentiments exactly- Perhaps the parties have awakened a sleeping GIANT finally.
    I would appreciate your checking out my article and perhaps a hat tip back? http://freemenow.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/what-republican-war-on-women/
    Great job as usual and I am heartened to see how many have come around to a sane way of thinking! Thanks you for all your do and I trust you are feeling well.

  4. I like whack-a-sexist!

    1. it's got a ring to it doesn't it

  5. OH you have got to see and hear this-

    This is her take on the women's awakening!

    I am getting the hell beat out of me because I wrote a blog which totally agrees with you. In return I am told that -- well this is one such comment and wait to you and your readers see what Racheal MadCow has put together to help keep women divided for the sake of her party!

    By the way - And for the record- I never said “there is no difference in how the parties treat women” I said both parties are mistreating us. I believe we have got to stop treating each other the way they treat us!

    How can you fight for equality of women and yet believe that half of us is not as good as, or deserving as , or smart as etc. etc. etc. We can go tit for tat all day – I can see you that one and raise you another and then you can see me that one and raise me another – but how does that get us enough women to force the ERA through?

    It doesn’t!

    The only thing that will is for the legislators to see that women have joined forces and will not be used one against the other for party sake! That was my point and – frankly- you came right back with the party argument “There is a war being waged on women in America by one party. Amy Tidd” and made my point. Here we are arguing party politics which party is better for women instead of figuring out how to get either party to give us the name votes to pass ERA. Shall we continue the same dance – or are you ready to tell both parties to can the sexism and let us have our justice?

    I wasn’t going to add this but after viewing the video you sent – I decided to make my point by showing how they are using us. First of all you are still talking abortion instead of ERA? And finally, if you are going to take a half an hour to listen to this radical Lefty then you must also give equal time to the Right?

  6. I forgot to say what that was about- the woman who sent me the Madcow video sent it telling me that she was sending proof that there was a war on women and only one party was responsible and her video of Madcow was the proof.

    Can you believe that video and that rant by Madcow not to mention the Idiot who compatred women to horses,cows and pigs. http://blisstree.com/live/georgia-rep-wants-to-force-women-to-carry-stillborn-fetuses-like-cows-do-693/

    I tell you Cynthia- we have go to unite and get more women voted in!If these men keep talking like tis we will never get omen talking togehter!!
    What in the hell are there jackasses doing talking about women as if we are cows and pigs? INDEED!