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What women's rights are when women are no longer manipulated by party rhetoric.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A War on Women???????

Cynthia Ruccia

How many times can you say the same thing? How many times can you do the same thing and get different results? Well, it appears that the same thing MUST be said over and over again in order for it to sink in in order for us to stop doing the same things over and over and over again and expect to get a different result.

Since Ohio is part of Super Tuesday, the circus has come to town. Since I have become an Independent I am a target of both parties. For instance, I was given free tickets to attend last night's Democratic dinner featuring Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I was also invited to attend an event featuring Ann Romney. Thankfully, I couldn't attend either since I was recovering from getting my port removed------yay!!!! That was the last thing I needed to do to put my year and a half breast cancer ordeal in the rear view mirror. I feel like I have been run over by a truck from the anesthesia, but it's all ok-----a cause for celebration!!!! Thanks to all of you who have stuck by me with your well wishes, encouragement, love, and friendship. I couldn't have gotten through the day to day challenges without you!!

Have you noticed the Democratic meme this week? There is a war on women!!!! This is news? The Democrat's definition of this war is centered firmly below the belt on our uteri, ovaries, and eggs. The report in today's Columbus Dispatch on last night's dinner had every major speaker railing about "the Republican war on women." I have been writing ever since I've been blogging about how the Democrats bring this storyline out every election year to cow women into voting Democratic. And once again this year, they are at it again. And the Republicans are hamhandedly handing them every stupid opportunity to keep this storyline going.

I am sick to death of it. For those who are reading Women Win Too for the first time, let me make it clear. I am unapologetically pro-choice, I am almost 60, and I DO care about reproductive rights. My beef is that we have given up every single other important marker for women to fight this narrow fight on reproduction, and we have ignored women's economic issues to our complete detriment. Read the stats in the right column which are but a small sampling of how women aren't making much of any progress towards economic parity and you will get a glimpse into my and others point of view.

The reality is that women are continually being defined by someone else's idea of what is important to us and in many respects it is our own fault. Either WE define what we want, or someone else is going to do it for us. And over the past 50 years, while some people are content to control our economic destiny by fighting about our female parts, the U.S. ranks #70 in the world in women's representation in government, etc.

There are lots of women on the Republican side. One of the great Republican women is from Ohio, JoAnne Davidson who has been the national co-chair of the RNC, she's been an acclaimed Speaker of the Ohio House. There are also stellar Republican women in other states as well. The Democrats are disingenuous in their declarations about the Republican "war on women" because they can't seem to make an articulate case for the many women on the Republican side. Only that maybe those R women aren't really, well, women. Huh???????

The Democrats are waging their own war on women by narrowly defining what's important to women. They trot out the usual arguments ONLY to manipulate women into voting Democratic. The Democrats are just as guilty as the Republicans as to the current state of lack of female representation anywhere. It used to be argued that there just weren't enough qualified women to appoint to things because they hadn't been in the workforce long enough. That is simply old news at this point. If both of the parties REALLY cared about women, they'd stop talking about our genitals and start appointing women IN LARGE NUMBERS to powerful positions. Everyone wants a pat on the back for appointing one woman here or there. Pshaw!! How about appointing half of your cabinet heads as women for a start? How about naming a woman as VP on your ticket? These are some of the most obvious things party leaders and presidents can do that would really make a HUGE statement and really change the game for women forever in the United States. If you ask party leaders why THAT isn't happening, you only get alot of mumbling in return, some incoherent rationales that don't amount to a hill of beans.

Our constant talking about women's lack of progress since the 2008 election IS being picked up all over the place. One of our Women Win Too people sent me this article from the Harvard Gazette about how feminism has stalled (thanks M!!), and while I disagree that government can remedy it with new programs, the final conclusion is something we all need to heed. That conclusion? Something we've been talking about since Hillary was running for president and that is that we MUST speak up and define what we want. What do we want? More women in power!!! When do we want it? NOW!!! As long as the parties think that we can be silenced by talking about our womenparts, that's all the further our progress will go.

This "war on women" meme can work entirely in our favor folks. Keep talking about BOTH parties putting more women in power instead of rehashing old news. We will NOT lose by doing this-----trust me!!!! We will NOT lose our right to contraception-----do you really think our drug companies will give up such a cash cow? We will NOT lose our reproductive rights----it is long established law by now and there are capable warriors minding the store. We will GAIN women in power and that could really change everything!! Aren't you getting sick of watching these men talk about how women's rights are all about our nether parts? It's our own fault. Women deserve equal representation, and that will begin with a 50/50 cabinet and a woman at the top of the ticket. The symbolism alone will trickle down all over America. Keep talking about it-----even if you are sick of doing so. The message will continue to spread!!!


  1. Cynthia, I've been a political junkie most of my adult life, discussing (or arguing) issues in most social situations. I have NEVER discussed reproductive rights with anyone, of any political persuasion, because NOBODY CARES about that issue. And you're right. NO ONE is going to take those rights away. For example, when I (Republican) argue with my Democrat friends, the discussion is ALWAYS about the economy, taxes, job creation, and other issues that matter. I certainly hope and pray that your message spreads. Keep it up (and congrats!)

    1. our message will spread if we all spread it!! Thanks for taking the lead!!

  2. Righteous. And spot on. The only way in is to besiege the gates. More Janes, less Dicks, especially in politics.

  3. Yeah! Your port is gone!!
    Am glad 2011 is behind us- grandson beaten and robbed off campus had multiple surgeries to rebuild his face and nose....My dear friend suffered with 4th stage ovarian cancer and died...I had my 2nd macular hole surgery, which leaves me blind---my sight is slowly returning with the gas bubble interupting with its wiggling & my driver's license expired during my recovery, but I have 6 months to renew without testing! I will quit complaining.
    Yesterday, I met and heard Ann Romney speak about her husband's campaign for President. She concentrated on his positions concerning women. I believe he is the only candidate who believes women are important, successful and wise!

  4. Barbara----Glad you went last night and glad you got to hear some sense about women!!!

    How about you and I put 2011 in the rear view mirror and look forward to a FABULOUS and uneventful 2012!!!! Here's to you!!!!!!!

  5. I agree with you 100% Cynthia -- the *real* war on women is economic. Bad enough women make less than men do, but those who pay taxes see their incomes eroded further and further each time a city or state government jacks up taxes to pay for outrageous public employee pensions (IL is the poster-child for this, but it's happening all over) and the federal govermnent adds new entitlement programs that raise our taxes some more. Think of how much a woman has to do with her paycheck: Pay for food, clothing, shelter and transportation; pay for healthcare insurance and out-of-pocket expenses (her own and perhaps her family's if she is the only breadwinner); pay for her retirement; put money aside for her children's college fund. What's left could be used to invest in the stock market (or gold or whatever will make your money work for you) and create a cushion for the unexpected illness or job loss. But no, at every level of government politicians are trying to take any "discretionary" income a woman has left after meeting all her other obligations. I wish women would stop fighting Trojan horses (no pun) and recognize the real harm being done to them everytime their taxes go up because politicians refuse to exercise fiscal restraint.

  6. So many great comments here, and funny too. Fully agree on the economic issues. Wimmin's Parts seem to get super fascinating with the election. It's to gin up support, of course, for Bobo, Bobocare, get the votes by divide and conquer, and the big winner is... Big Pharma.

  7. Cynthia,

    I agree with your comments and am delighted to hear about your health news.

    All best!

  8. Maybe Romney's wife can help us get him to do right for women.

  9. Amen great article - and "sick of it" is mild - it is now a crime, an insult and harassment of over half of our population - Women! It is a male issue of poor judgement, insecurity and lack of understanding equal and personal human rights. It is more than just a political mistake to discriminate against women as they are doing - it is a serious offense to our personal dignity and our rights to our guaranteed freedoms under our constitutional and democratic laws.

    The political figures who choose to demean, slander, pass judgement and try to control half of our human population should never be allowed to be a public official that represents people in a democratic nation. They are unfit, lack good judgement, and should and can not be allowed to represent a democratic nation that endorses the rights of freedom for every individual. "We The People" means Us All!

  10. Your port is gone!! Woo Hoo Cynthia! Way to go girlfriend. My very best wishes!

  11. I got so excited I forgot to comment on the rest of the piece.
    You are right on target. What we need is equal representation 50 % women in offices from local positions right up to the White House and 3 more states to ratify the ERA.
    There will be not justice until we are represented-- we can talk about our own needs and issues which number in the hundreds.

    Can any of these good ol boys name an issue that women don't care about?

    What we don't care about jobs, gas, war, finance, education?

    Frankly they worry more about what's between our thighs then we do and it's about time we tell them to knock it the hell off!

    And as for our anatomy- we are best suited to decide about that for ourselves, I am quite tired of seeing these all male panels discussing our sex lives, contraceptoion, pregnancies and the like!

    So when do we agree to run more women and vote for them? When do we agree to demand the men in office appoint women if they expect our vote at the next election?
    When do we start to take action instead of whine about it?

    Come on Cynthia- let's get this army in shape for 2012 and let's get Anne Romney talking to Mitt about a Lady VP.

    1. how about we just not vote for men in the next election?

    2. I've been talking a woman VP for the GOP for a year. My particular choice is Governor Susanna Martinez of New Mexico. She covers two bases that the GOP needs to mend fences with ASAP. First on gender and then on immigration. She's also smart and competent.

      I do not, will not, vote for someone simply because of their gender. There are as many, or nearly as many, nitwits and corrupt people of the feminine gender as their are males. When I was talking equality many years ago that wasn't the equality I had in mind.

      Oh well, onward and upward. And my point, I actually do have one, is that with our numbers we need to use them to our advantage and stop letting either party, "Two Parties Against The People" use us to their advantage. So long as we allow them to use our differences they win, we lose.

    3. If I'm going to have "nitwits" in office, and sadly we're going to have them no matter what, why do they all have to be men? Evidence shows that women are much more willing to cross party lines and come together for important things for women. Lily Ledbetter comes to mind. Also, have you seen this:


      I love the idea of Susanna Martinez. It would certainly blunt the current Democratic tactics of assuming the women's vote by treating us like Pavlov's dog. I can hardly contain my anger on that one. They ring the bell on reproductive issues and their women come running. It's just to get votes. Having a female VP candidate like Martinez would further expose their double standard.

    4. I don't want a "nitwit" of either gender in office. Nor a party loyalist. I happen to think that there are more than enough smart, savvy, honest and competent women to fill every political office in this country.

      We can elect them. Our numbers are large enough that we can do it without the other gender. (Although we certainly welcome and want the support of good decent anti-misogynist men.)

      If we ever stop taking potshots at each other and stop allowing either party to use us for their political gain we can do wonderful things.

      We need to tell them, both parties, that we intend to think with what's between our ears not what's between our legs. And we need to mean it!

  12. I am an independent and I expect this reproductive rights crap from Democrats every election. But I am stunned at the BS the Republicans are pushing. They are truly handing the Democrats ammunition. I am getting 5 fund raising letters a day from Democrats quoting ridiculous Republican statements on birth control. The thing is it is a reasonable political ideal to say Government has no place in health care, or even in birth control. What makes the Republican position anti woman is that they are focusing on women's health needs. So why aren't we talking about whether we will be taxed to provide ED drugs for unmarried manwhores? Because unmarried men having sex is not approved by any religious institution so why aren't we focusing on that? If it were a religious freedom issue than there is no reason to focus on only women's birth control. I am fed up with Republicans right now. If nothing else the way they hand ammo to Democrats on this issue shows me they are too stupid to run anything making me less likely to vote for them. That does not mean I will vote for Obama. Americans Elect is looking good to me.

  13. You are right Bes. Both sides stink. Like crap.