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Thursday, March 8, 2012

FINALLY---Breakthrough Blowback on Media Sexism

Cynthia Ruccia

See this woman-----Kirsten Powers? She is my new hero!!! She, a moderate Democrat, has taken on the nasty liberal sexism and she is gaining the upper hand in the argument. Of course, as you all know, this goes back to the "war on women" meme that the left is using to corral women into voting for their ticket in the fall. I've written a fair amount about that subject. Of course the sexists on the right have really stepped into it lead by Rush Limbaugh with his terrible comments that he rightly was called on the carpet for.

But it was Powers who has dared to speak the truth, the truth that we have been hollering about for the past 4 years. And she hasn't shrunk from the blowback SHE has received and continues to dish it out. You go Kirsten!!!!

Her first shot off the bow was to point out that the sexists on the left NEVER get criticized for their horrendous language and sexism, citing the c**t word used on Palin, or the disgusting and continual images heaped on Hillary Clinton, the examples go on and on. The problem is that both the men and women on the left go into a complete tizzy when it is Rush Limbaugh being disgusting, but they refuse to police their own. The left was completely mute when they were the ones dishing it out-----take a look at the videos on the right of this piece. These videos are a record of the kinds of nastiness towards women that the left tolerated when it suited their purpose.

In  Powers second piece which was published this evening, she goes right after both the men AND the women who play this little game. And Powers exposes the "party of women" for what it is, and that is a party who uses women against women when it suits their purposes and who are highly hypocritical and silent when it is one (or in this case many) of their own doing the sexist mudslinging. And she also takes on the president who has done a poor job in his tenure of being anything more than tepid and tone deaf (and I'm being charitable here) in his efforts to recognize women.

The professional left has gone after her ferociously, but she refuses to back down instead exposing their blind spots. I must add that although many times Jehmu Greene has made me feel let down, she has been quoted in Powers article as being also highly critical of the women on the left who are doing our cause such damage. And Powers asks the question------why is it so hard for the left to acknowledge the sexism in their own midst, a sexism that is so in your face it is disingenuous to say that you can't see it?

Forgive me for being a bit narcissistic when I say that if it hadn't been for the army of people who were outraged starting in 2008 when this media sexism started ferociously against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, who spoke up loudly and NEVER stopped speaking about it there wouldn't be this higher profile conversation going on right now. We have seen a proliferation of articles and people with bigger megaphones coming forward FINALLY to take this subject of sexism and women's lack of advancement  on squarely. We must pat ourselves on the back for being the brave souls who said the unpopular things, who lost friends, some of whom lost family members, who took on all of the death threats and insults and harassment. We were the regular folks who started this conversation, who had the guts to speak the truth, who got the whole subject into the consciousness of this country so that when the right time came a bigger fire could be lit in the service of our cause. We have been the canaries in the mine, the vanguard who got the ball rolling. Kudos to us!!!!

HOWEVER, it is at a time like this when we mustn't back down or silence ourselves. The fact that our cause is breaking through is no time to rest on our laurels. Our cause could disappear as quickly as it has broken through. Keep the pressure on, and let's have the backs of the Kirsten Powers in this fight. It's not going to be laws that will change things----it's going to be the outrage of an awakening public that will set the wheels in motion for the cultural change we've all been craving.

And to those reading this blog for the first time-----I am an Independent. In my book, both the left AND the right have been disgraceful. Both need to be taken to the woodshed. In my opinion, that time has come.

Oh, and by the way-------feel free to go to Give Back the Cash to see the video below of the worst sexism from the mouth of Bill Maher and sign the petition to encourage the president to give the Maher cash back. And send Powers an attagirl on facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kirsten-Powers/110500335629292?sk=wall. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I think this is a part of what is bubbling to the surface now. Attention on media sexism. Would this have happened with out Rush? Ironic, isn't it? So why did Olbermann and Maher, 2 colossal pigs, "apologize?" Blowback now. Media political manipulation is now being exposed, propelled by the exposes of Andrew Breitbart, and the videos on Obama coming out on. Also, Matt Drudge deliberately ignore stories to help elect B. O. (http://www.intellectualconservative.com/2012/03/07/matt-drudge-intentionally-ignored-negative-stories-to-help-elect-barack-obama/) And his is supposed to be a conservative site.

    The media has lost all credibility, and women, as part of that have been open season. The right focus at the right time, it seems on sexism. Ms Powers, a self-proclaimed left progressive, might find herself expulsed into Left Purgatory, or sent straight to Hell. She's done a great job. Hurray.

  2. seems like Lefty Purgatory is the place to be!! All of the cool people are there....

  3. :) Happy International Women's Day! Onward.

  4. I just loved reading her second piece. So often you see people write something, get blowback, and then you never hear from them again. Her second piece was better than the first.

  5. Go Kirsten and Go Cynthia!

  6. Agreed - Kirsten's second article was even better than the first. Intellectual consistency is a beautiful thing!

    So sad I can't get into Lefty Purgatory (never a lefty) cause now it has all these interesting people in it. Say hi to Kirsten and Juan Williams for me and I'll try to sneak ya'll in some iced tea!

  7. Could Kirsten Powers have happened without Tina Brown?
    Is it enlightened women leaders who make change possible?

    1. I think that's certainly part of it. I have long wished that women would stop petitioning government for change they can create themselves.