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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Get a Woman On The Ballot

Cynthia Ruccia

The way to get a woman president is just so simple, so obvious, so yawningly apparent, that the idea of writing about it makes me feel bored. HOWEVER, as counterintuitive as this idea of electing a woman president is, there is an intermediate step we must take in order for this piece of history to happen. What is that step? Well everyone-------WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! And not only do we need to do something to make it happen, we have to believe that our efforts, no matter how seemingly insignificant, are important.

I believe that we women are often defeated before we even begin. I have observed that we even stop trying to do anything because of a self-defeating attitude that it won't matter. At the bottom of it all, we feel the task is just too difficult so why even try? We try over and over and over again, and we don't get the result we want. We get depressed, discouraged, and then we become cynical. And then we just stop trying--------we quit.

For sure I understand that impulse. It is EXHAUSTING to debate the point with people who aren't seeing the big picture. It is maddening to converse with folks who SAY they want a woman president but whose actions are creating just the opposite. It is beyond frustrating to run into indifference on the subject, and even worse, to be ridiculed for having such an aspiration. After awhile, who wouldn't want to just run away from such an impossible goal and try to enjoy their life doing something else?

But I'm here to say that the goal of a woman president is so important to the future of all of us that we can't afford to let ourselves stay negative for too long, especially when we are right now in a climate where our voice could make a HUGE difference in whether a woman can be positioned to be president in 2016. Opportunities as ripe as the one right in front of us don't come along every day.

So right now, we need to put the past behind us a little and look to the future. We need to stop brooding about what might have been with Hillary, Sarah, and Michele, and use our energy and more important our VISION to create a better future for a woman president. We need to paint a picture of possibilites. If not, we will have squandered a major chance to have Madame President sooner rather than later.

So here it is-----it is so simple. Both parties will have to nominate someone as VP. We women and men who support the idea of a woman president need to DEMAND that both parties nominate a woman for Vice President. The way I see it, the Republicans have to do it first, and it will be easier for them to do it. And why not? There are some outstanding women ready to serve this country proudly on the Republican side. There are more Republican women governors than Democratic, a great first place to find a future woman president. For many of us, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina would be an inspiring choice.

 Another dream ticket for many would have Condi Rice on it
There are other women that would also add alot to the Republican ticket. Although it is presumptuous for me to assume at this point that the presidential nominee is going to be Mitt Romney, let's try that idea on for size. First of all, Romney has already hinted that he would welcome a woman VP on his ticket by mentioning that New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte would be a great running mate. For all of you cynics out there, that could be interpreted as pandering, of course. HOWEVER, he DID say it and we should be holding his feet to the fire on that score. Secondly, someone like Governor Haley would add a fantastic geographic balance to his ticket. And no one could question the gravitas a Romney/Rice ticket would have.

But that is only the first most important step in the process. If we do our job right, and we succeed in getting a woman on the Republican ticket for VP, the pressure for President Obama to remove Biden from his ticket and replace him with a woman would be enormous. Do you think in this election year where Obama has such sagging poll numbers that he would cede that ground to the Republicans if he thought that their having a woman VP would give them an advantage over him (and it would)?

The key here is that if BOTH parties nominate  a woman VP, we will have a female vice president for the first time ever. And this female VP  will be in a terrific position to run for president next time around. And it won't matter what party you like, we WILL have a woman VP.

Some of you might think that this scenario is nothing more than a fairy tale. It WILL be a fairy tale for sure if we let it be. HOWEVER, it will certainly remain just that-----a fantasy-----if we don't make some kind of effort to propel this image----this VISION------forward. Why not give it a try? What's the worst thing that can happen? We don't get any women on the ticket? That's going to happen anyways if we don't speak up. But what if we speak up and the idea catches on? What if we send the idea around with some force and others start talking about it too? What if???????

You can start by sending this piece everywhere you can. You can start by just talking the idea up with whomever you happen to  be speaking with regardless of party. Oh yes, some people will smirk and ridicule us. So what? Those people will ridicule no matter what. Why do they get to be the ones to choke our dreams and limit where women are going? Our voices matter-------YOUR VOICE MATTERS!!!!!!! Let the small minded remain small minded. We have a huge goal to meet, a huge vision. We have a future to create for ourselves and for the woman who follow. Let's get up off our disappointments and use our voices RIGHT NOW to help create a woman VP in a climate that is ripe for it. We can make it happen!!!!!!!                                        


  1. OK Cynthia. I'm fired up and ready to go!!

  2. This is a really good idea. I think the only way a woman will get the job of President is if she is VP and a man dies in office. We should post this at a bunch of University websites.

  3. I love that idea Bes----we should all post everywhere and ask our friends to do the same.....

  4. Yes. Let's "Just Do It!"

  5. AnkleBiterClingsToGunsJanuary 10, 2012 at 4:19 PM

    Great ideas. One has to be able to vote (literally) for one of the presidential candidates, however.

  6. The women you suggest are Republicans, hardly that great for women in general. In order to win for their party they have to be pro-life and in general agree to make life miserable for the rest of us who are among the 99%!
    Now on the other hand if we could convince Hillary to run again...

  7. Jen the MichiganderJanuary 10, 2012 at 6:31 PM

    I'm with Ja on convincing Hillary to run again! I am talking about the top of the ticket and ONLY the top of the ticket for her, no veep. She shouldn't have to waste four years of her life carrying Obama's diaper bag. Brilliant as she is, Hillary cannot save Obama's presidency. Putting her on the ticket would amount to little more than a marketing gimmick designed to win him a second term. Sure, she'd be in the history books as the first American female vice president, but why should she settle for the silver when she could win the gold?

    If Obama wants to put some other woman on the 2012 ticket, fine. I have already decided I am NOT voting for him. The country can't take four more years of this.

    On the GOP side, I certainly hope the frontrunners will consider adding a female to the ticket. Whether or not I would support such a ticket depends on whose names are on it. Rick Santorum is a no go, female veep or not. I would consider Romney-Rice or Huntsman-Haley.

  8. ja-----I really don't believe that the Republicans are any worse for women than the Democrats. Both parties have been throwing women bones for years and delivering next to nothing.I think that we women need to take matters in our own hands and get as many women elected as possible. Only by having at least half of our elected officials AT ALL LEVELS be women will women be able to break the important glass ceilings and eliminate them forever. And then this discussion would be irrelevant.

    It is important to reframe what is really important to women and understand that what was important 35--50 years ago is great, but is as antique as the Model T. We've got to start delivering on the promise that women can be and do anything. Thus far it is only words in spite of progress made.

  9. and of course Hillary------she is still the best of the bunch....

  10. Any ticket with Rice on it would be a dream for me. She could win the nomination for Pres. if she decided to run - but she's too smart to put herself through all that. Too bad though.

  11. I would like to see a massive campaign to do a write-in for HILLARY CLINTON in the primary election.

    I was what we called PUMA back in 2008, but I was NOT one of the PUMA members that caved in the 2008 elections and voted for obama. I voted for John McCain (the first time I ever voted Republican). I have voted Republican ever since.

    After what the Democratic party did to Hillary Clinton in the last election, I will NEVER vote Democrat again. I'm hearing here and there that the Democrat party wants to put Hillary on the November ticket to replace Joe Biden. I hope she will NOT come forward and save obama's ass again. That's all she and Bill have been doing since this know-nothing, empty suit President has been in office.

    I wouldn't even vote for THAT ticket unless HER name was at the top of the ticket!

    I don't know if a Hillary Clinton write-in campaign work even help but that's how my two daughters and I (AND my husband) are going to do this coming May.