What women's rights look like when the two sides come together as one.
What women's rights are when women are no longer manipulated by party rhetoric.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Have The Parties Done For You Lately?

Cynthia Ruccia

Hope everyone's had a GREAT holiday so far!!!!  All of this time off has gotten me thinking about things, and I've decided to close out 2011 with one more post. So here's my question to you------what have the parties done for women lately?

If you're a Democrat, you'll immediately say that the Lily Ledbetter Act was passed 3 years ago. And you might even mention that we now have a third of the Supreme Court justices that are women. And if you're a Republican, you'll probably remind us that 2010 was a real renaissance in the Republican Party when so many more Republican women than ever were elected.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays To All!!!!!

Cynthia Ruccia

I just want to wish everyone a happy holiday!!! I'm taking a break for the holidays, but I'm looking forward to continuing our conversation about how to get women parity at the top in the new year!! It's been a weird year for women, this 2011. We've seen too much sexism in all of the wrong ways and places, but we've also seen women doing amazing things from a 62 year old Diana Nyad continuing to try to do an  historic swim with a never say die attitude, to a Hillary Clinton effort to get women in all countries involved in public service at the highest levels, to Michele Bachmann running for president and fighting tooth and nail to make a comeback.