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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Women Who Should Be President

Cynthia Ruccia

Today I'm writing about some newsworthy events in the lives of two women who should be Presidents of the United States. And in a different era, they would be recognized for the content of their character and not have the subliminal (and not so subliminal) sexism thrown in to roadblock them. Our country would be greatly served by having these women at the helm of leadership. They have both been proven leaders all of their lives having both their careers capped off by stints as U.S. Secretary of State. I am sad every day that these women aren't my presidents.

First of all, let me begin with Hillary Clinton. I still wish she'd run for President again, naive as it sounds. I am aware of the difficult thicket of politics that she would have to negotiate to go at it again. I am aware that if she waits she will be 69 years old in 2016, and if Obama loses the 2012 election (and anything could happen no matter what you think about the Republican field at this moment), the path to a Hillary Clinton presidency looks impossible. But in U.S. politics (and in life) anything is possible. So a part of me continues to hope.

Anyways, Hillary Clinton's mother died yesterday. We all send our condolences to her family. It is a monumental event in ones life when your mother dies regardless of your relationship. And by all accounts, Hillary and her mother had a wonderful relationship. Her mother, Dorothy Rodham, died at 92, and according to the articles I've read, she was healthy right up until a week ago when she fell ill and then died. Looking at it that way, if Hillary shares the DNA of her mother, age 69 is young. If she lives as long as her mother, she would have another 23 years of good health ahead of her in 2016. Just saying.

In spite of her protestations of retiring from politics in 2012, Hillary Clinton's thinking about life is bound to change with the death of her mother. I lost my mother when I was 25, and I've talked to others who have lost parents, and few things change your life as much as the death of a parent, regardless of age. Especially when it is your last living parent who dies. It changes you in many many ways. You miss them and grieve for them for sure. But it also changes the way you look at yourself and how you approach your life. All of a sudden, it is YOU who are the leading generation in your family, and it is YOU who are the elder. There is no one above you. I am certain that this change in Hillary's life will make her contemplate things differently. Who knows what the result of that could mean?

The second woman who I fervently wish were my President is Condi Rice. She has written a new book, No Higher Honor, a memoir of her years in Washington, and is currently making the rounds to promote it.
She did a full hour interview in front of a live audience of students on Seah Hannity's show last night, and throughout I was reminded of how amazing this intelligent and talented woman is, and how our country would benefit from her leadership. For those of you who have a knee jerk reaction to all things Fox, all things Hannity, all things Bush, and all things Republican, I ask you to put your biases aside and contemplate the character of this woman.

Rice has rejected all notions of being President of the United States right from the get go, and one of my friends is always reminding me that Condi Rice is too smart to put herself through the meat grinder character assassination that is required to be President of the U.S. Boy do I get that!!! However, Rice has leadership qualities that are called for at this time to straighten up the mess we are in. She's brilliant, charismatic, thoughtful, reasoned. She is not an idealogue. She has been tested in a man's world, and she has measured up. She has had lots of leadership experience. She has been an effective manager. It is hard to find people who have worked with her who have anything but wonderful things to say about her. Everything she has done, she has done well. She handles questions about race with uncommon grace. I'd like to see more of her, not less. She's a formidable role model.

Yes, there are certainly many other amazing women I could be writing about today, and I'm sure I'll be writing about them in the future. But my thoughts are with Hillary and Condi. Godspeed to Hillary's mother, Dorothy Rodham. Condolences to the Clintons and the Rodhams. And much success to Condi Rice and her new book. Hopefully both women will see the light and make a run for it--------for the White House, I mean!!!!


  1. Thank you, Cynthia, for your thoughtful comments.
    Like you, I watched Condi's interview with Sean Hannity last night, and would LOVE to see her become President. The prospect is thrilling, IMO.
    BTW, isn't Hannity a wonderful interviewer? He asks pertinent questions in a respectful manner, and allows his guest to answer. And to think I couldn't stand him and Fox News 5 years ago....But I'm all growed up now! LOL
    Thank you, again.

  2. This is great. I have been trying to get people to name women they want running for president in 2016. I think it is important to start showing these potential presidential candidates that there is support for them.

    Both of these women are good. I would add Gov. Gregoire in Washington and Governor Nikki Haley. The other area to look at is the House of Representatives. Michele Bachmann is paving the way for many congresses men to run for office.

  3. Oops I meany congresswomen.

  4. I said this many times America is backward.There are many women world leaders.Germany South and Central America .Sexism and misogny reigns in America.How Obama stole the last election and what the media and women did to Sarah Palin is digraceful.

  5. I'm still pouting about what happened to Hillary in 2008. I've never pouted this long about anything. I love reading your blog because in that I have learned I'm not alone.

    I've never really taken a good look at Condi Rice. I guess during her time as Sec of State I was such a blind Democrat hating everything Bush, as you say, I didn't give her a fair shake. I'll have to learn more about her now.

  6. You're right Jennifer----we need to show these women support and have their backs against the storm that comes along with running for president!!

  7. I love Condi Rice! I wish she would run - and she could win the Pub nom with half her brain tied behind her back. Like JenniferleeUSA I'm keeping an eye on Nikki Haley too. She has proven she can withstand the nastiest of campaigns - much of the nasty from her own party - and win decisively.

    @Contrary Mary and anyone else interested in learning about Condi Rice - you should read her first book Condoleezza Rice: A Memoir of My Extraordinary, Ordinary Family and Me. This was her first book about her family, growing up, and her pre-Bush Admin life. It's in my top five favorite books of any kind. Really a wonderful book about her life and story minus the Pres. Bush part for those he drives crazy ;)

  8. I definitely agree Hillary Clinton should have been president. And she WOULD have been president right now if Hillary hadn't let Obama get away with cheating in the caucuses. Then when she was cheated out of her delegates at the Rules and Bylaws Committee, she passed the chance to take it to the Credentials Committee at the convention!!

    In other words, she bent over and let Obama kick her in the ass! As someone who campaigned for her 17 months while she was running and the whole summer after she conceded, spent tons of $$$ I couldn't afford, traveled all over for her, etc., I feel she betrayed the supporters, especially the women in this country who deserved to have her as their first female president!!

  9. Thank you for writing this piece.
    My heart is with the Clinton/Rodham family.
    Last week Morning Joe had a whole segment on Hillary and the Time mag article about her. As they
    went on about how she is the only shining star
    of the current White House and how she (not he) can explain best their foreign policy goals, I began to tear up.
    I do believe everything happens (or doesn't happen) for a reason. That "cream" rises to the top and all of that.
    However, the worst was today. Also, on Morning Joe, when Chris Mathews unveiled his life's work about John Kennedy. The book seems amazing & I will buy it. It was terrific to see the "old" Chris M. back (even for a moment).The part that stuck the knife in my heart is when he said:
    "Everyone knows I like Pres Obama; but everything for him is "I this & I that".
    With Kennedy it was always..."we & join us"!!
    All I could think was...DAH...UGH...we tried to tell you!!!

  10. Oh also,
    I saw Condi also...she was FABULOUS!!!
    Hi my friend Carol F.

  11. Cindy-----"All growed up"----that's putting a nice positive spin on what we went through!! LOL!!

    Toni T---I find it really difficult to keep from throwing up when I watch the very people on Morning Joe who were hell bent on making sure Hillary lost now decide she is a shining star. Like you, I believe that they should have seen that in 2008. I just see them as a bunch of hypocrites. And Chris Matthews----he's a clown. No insult meant to any clowns out there....

    Carol I understand how you feel!!

  12. Ditto! What more can I say about Hillary having been the best hope we had for a female POTUS and how the DNC spoiled that! My condolences to her on the loss of her mom.

    I will have to read Condi's book and I agree on Niki Haley.

    Great to see Toni T and Carol F here too!

    BJ - FreeMeNow- unable to sign in here as usual!

  13. BJ FreeMe Now----you always find a way to make things happen---including commenting on the blog!!

  14. BJ - I don't know why you can't get logged in but you can also pick "name/Url" from the comment as drop down menu and then type your name in however you want it to appear. You can leave a url if you have a website or just leave it blank.

  15. Is there any chance of Condi as vp in 2012? All of the pub candidates except one need major help in foreign affairs area.

  16. I need your help Cynthia!
    Have I got a story for you! Women are beaten, raped and maimed or killed in record numbers every day by the men they trust. Why do men do this? Because they can! Our courts slap their hands and they go home and finish the job.
    I have one such story! I would like you to write it! Moreover - I would like you and your members and readers to reach out to the judge and say - not this time!

  17. That was me BJ aka FreeMeNow- I lost your email

  18. I love reading the comments from so many who put "my" thoughts into their words so much better than I can. After campaigning so hard for Hilary, I still feel crushed that she was cheated out of the presidency. Condi Rice was very impressive in the Hannity interview, and I hope she may be coaxed into changing her mind about running for office in the future. Too bad we can't convince her in time for the 2012 election; however, it does look like even more women will be ready and willing by 2016.

  19. Condoleezza Rice's life growing up was interesting and a challenge. Her parents were remarkable but still like everyone else's. It is a remarkable book and a must read for everyone.